Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canadian MedicAlert Foundation?
MedicAlert is a charitable organization. It is the leading provider of medical information services linked to customized medical bracelets and necklets.
What is the MedicAlert No Child Without program?
No Child Without (NCW) is a charitable program that offers all elementary school aged children (ages 4 – 14th birthday) with medical conditions or allergies free 24-hour MedicAlert protection regardless of their financial resources. The goal is to help protect the estimated 300,000 children with medical conditions across Canada over a 5 year period.
Why is the No Child Without program important?
Children are the most vulnerable individuals in our society, especially during a medical emergency or crisis. With the rise in childhood diabetes, asthma and allergies, thousands of children have a medical condition, allergy or special need that should be communicated to medical personnel in an emergency. The No Child Without program has been created to provide these students with the 24 hour protection of the MedicAlert emergency information services.
How are the Lions involved?
The Lions have partnered with the MedicAlert No Child Without program to bring the program to the schools in their communities.
How does our Club get involved?
The club can contact the MedicAlert District Chair for No Child Without or the Lions Club District Governor to get involved.
What recognition will there be for my Lions Club?
The Lions emblem will appear on all the MedicAlert No Child Without information materials. This includes the web site, publications, and the MedicAlert No Child Without identification bracelets, necklets, and wristbands. Lions web sites will also promote the NCW program. In addition, Lions Clubs will receive media attention every time a new school board announces the NCW program in their community.
What is the cost to my Lions Club?
The cost for each child is $100. This will cover the cost of the bracelet, wristband or necklet, creating a database of the child’s medical records and access to the 24-hour Hotline in case of an emergency. The maximum number of children sponsored will be 5% of the total number of students in the school. For example, if the school has 300 students then the club would sponsor 15 children at a cost of 15 X $100 = $1500.

Once the child is on the program, there will be no cost until the child reaches 14 years old. Parents then decide if they wish to continue in the program at a reduced student fee.

Is this an ongoing expense to our club?
No. After the Lions Club has paid for the NCW program in your local school, the Lions have completed their sponsorship commitment.
Lions Clubs have budgeted financial commitments. How can we be involved?
Some clubs have funds and will be able to sponsor a school for the total amount immediately. Other clubs may have a portion of the funds on hand and may sponsor the school with the help of the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation and then repay the foundation after a fundraising event. In some cases a Lions Club may wish to sponsor a school, have no funds available, but want to be part of the NCW program.  As this program will be run over a period of 5 years, the club can commit to sponsoring a school during that time period. This would allow them to budget funds for future schools.
There are many schools in our area. How can we support them all?
There is no reason to feel the club has to sponsor all the schools in your area.

The Canadian MedicAlert Foundation has funding from other sources (charitable foundations, personal donations, etc.) Therefore, if needed, they will sponsor other schools in the area. However this program will run over the next 5 years and your club could sponsor more than one school over that period.

I know someone who wishes to support No Child Without. How do they donate?
To support this program donate online or call the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation toll free at 1-877-282-5378.

If you prefer, send a cheque through the mail to:

Canadian MedicAlert Foundation
2005 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 800
Toronto, ON M2J 5B4